01 May

A vase filled with fresh flowers is always a beautiful choice and you can easily change it up with new blooms whenever you like.  Drape pretty dish towels over your sink or lay them across your kitchen counters. Maybe with an accent color! 

The key to beautiful kitchen décor is creating a theme that enhances your current kitchen aesthetic. If your kitchen has  white ceramic tile, you can use white ceramic bowls on the counters and fill them with fruit.

If your kitchen is more wood, top the counters with a wooden cutting board on different angles, or a cookbook, or you can add different brown tones vases or bowls and fill them with your favorite snacks. 

A coffee station is another great way to accent your counters, and it gives you the chance to add a few fun accessories. You can display some of your favorite mugs too!! 

These ideas on how to accessorize a kitchen counter will bring new life to your kitchen its functional for your daily life, and stylish.

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